7 Safe Methods of Preserving Food

Knowing to store and preserve food has been central to human existence throughout our history. Therefore, there are lots of different ways to store and preserve food. The easiest and most common ones include the following:


Freezing alters the texture of the majority of fruits and some veggies, but fish and meat fare well. During the summer, you might want to freeze some berries so you can have them on hand for baking or smoothies later.

The best method to do this would be to freeze batches of fruits (the same method can apply to veggies). For example, scatter your fresh berries in a tray and put them in the fridge. Put them in your bag once they’ve frozen solid. This will prevent berry clumps that can’t be separated without thawing.


This refers to process where food is stored in airtight containers, to help keep away unwanted bacteria, oxygen and enzymes that may spoil the food. With canning, you’re free to do whatever you want but you must do it properly. Canning may be done in a couple of ways: water-bath canning and pressure canning. t25 reviews

Vacuum sealing

This process involves preserving food in some airtight environment so it can last much, much longer than if it was stored in a refrigerator. Vacuum sealing can provide you with good-smelling and fresh-tasting foods even after months of storage. Check Perfectly Sealed to learn more about vacuum sealing and vacuum sealers.


You surely have an idea of what dehydration is—it’s one of the easiest but oldest ways to properly store food. Drying keeps away all the bacteria and germs from your food as it has low water content. Common methods of drying food include sun drying (ideal for preserving grains and beans), air drying (ideal for preserving herbs such as summer savory, rosemary, sage, and thyme), oven drying, dehydrating, and smoking (helps to preserve meat and sea food).


When you salt meat and fish (both white and red), you reduce the level of water and kill the microorganisms. Salting is also referred to as curing. Through this process, you can preserve meat, sea food, poultry and pork for consumption later. However, this process may be daunting. But there are lots of easier ways to do that, so be sure to research on the internet. Many people consider dehydration a much simpler way to preserve raw meat.


This is an old technique that’s used to preserve food with the help of salt brine or vinegar. It involves the fermentation process and can save food for several months. Pickling is the perfect way to preserve fruits and vegetables in jars and eat them whenever you like.

Cold pasteurization

This process is also called irradiation. It helps keep the bacteria and mold away. This may help preserve fruits and vegetables without any spoilage or ripening in a jar.