How To Choose You First Bowling Ball?

Bowling is a game in which you need to pay attention on the selection of the ball. The beginners mostly face trouble in finding the best ball for them as they get confused which brand to choose, which type of material is best, what type of core and hook potential is best etc.  Buying a bowling ball is not a difficult task, if you know what you are looking for.

If you are looking to purchase a bowling ball, you can easily check this list and focus on your ball type, ball weight and grip.

Choosing the ball type

The first question you need to ask yourself is what type of ball you are looking for. Choose the ball according to your game type, whether you’re going to learn to hook the ball or throwing it straight.

If you are throwing it straight then you should buy polyester ball, this ball is also referred as plastic ball or a spare ball. This bowl is great for you if you are just planning to play with your friends or want to have your own ball. While if you are learning to hook the ball you can buy an entry level bowling ball.

Choosing the weight

It is necessary for a beginner to choose the right weight of bowling ball. This is one of the most common problem beginners have to face during the selection of first bowling ball. One thing which every beginner should consider is the weight. You need to choose a drill of the ball carefully and it should be according to your finger tips in which you are comfortable to throw the ball and hold the ball. Most people prefer to choose light weight ball because they don’t know the fact that if the drill of the ball is right and according to their finger tips it can feel like 2 pounds less.

However, an easy way to pick up the ball is to visit the bowling game center and try out various balls of different weight. Whichever weight suits you, you can pick it out.

Choosing the grip

Now, that you have the perfect ball and weight, now you have to choose the right grip of the ball. There are two types of grip, conventional grip and fingertip grip.

Conventional grip

In this grip, you will allow your thumb to put all the way on the ball while your middle and ring finger are into second knuckle of the ball.

Fingertip grip

In this grip, you will allow your thumb to put all the way on the ball while your middle and ring finger are into first knuckle of the ball.