How to choose a garden swing for a country house?

Country house. It is not only vegetable lot, garden, and the related work. It is also the place for relaxing and rest. Irreplaceable attribute for this purpose is such useful country accessory as a swing. How to choose a garden swing for a country house? You will find it out from this article.

Why is a swing necessary?

Swing in the yard of a country house has stopped being a simple children’s entertainment for a long time. It is garden furniture, the vacation spot, thoughts, and relaxation. How to choose this swing that they were safe and comfortable for all family members? How not to be got out of a lot of shape, materials, and coloring? We will be analyzed point by point. By the way, if you are looking for info about swing for children visit Swing Set Fun. There you will find the reviews of the best swing available.

Most often such swing happens to be made of metal or wooden. A wooden swing is good due to the fact that they can organically fit into the environment, or in another word – to become its part.

It can be a swing both from integral logs or the swing issued in the form of an arbor with carved lace of different wooden patterns. It should be noted that construction of such swing safe, strong and reliable. The only minus of this modification of a swing is that it is necessary to care about wooden material carefully and regularly protect it (to process) from various insects and the atmospheric phenomena.

Speaking about metal swing. Simple models are made of pipes of average diameter or a metal corner. The design is quite simple: 4 legs, crossbeam and suspended seat.

The most beautiful swing are made manually on a by-order basis. Such design can be decorated with various shod elements. Main their minus, of course, consists of high price.

If the owner of a country house does not have special design claims to a decor, it is possible just to get a ready garden swing which in an assortment is presented in outlets.

And here it is necessary to consider such factors:

– Size. He depends on quantitative family composition. If you have a big family – it is worth thinking of the swing calculated on 3-4 people. Don’t forget to consider its weight. So, a triple swing is capable of sustaining weight up to 400 kilograms. Double is only about 150 kg.

– The diameter of frame pipes. It is the most important indicator of durability. Pay attention: this indicator is more, the best of all and stronger. However, they are far more expensive.

– A form of the bearing support. The place where you will be able to put a swing after purchase depends on an indicator of a side support. If a support the arc-shaped, a swing can be placed in any place of your garden.