An Excellent Guide on Various Factors to Consider While Purchasing a Bowling Ball

When you are just beginning out on lanes, you require a ball which gives you great performance in various situations such that you no longer have to think about switching styles or balls mid-game.

Factors for Bowling Balls

  • Core

The particular design of this core will help you focus on the development of your basic skills by creating a steady and a smooth roll. Since you are not required to compensate for balls having more complicated radius, you can easily put your attention towards building proper learning and form on how your stance influences each throw.

This core makes you feel like strike. It leaves space for hook shots to be made in near future, therefore you can do practice with a small ball after reaching that point with your practice.

  • Coverstock

One of the most important factors, which influence performance of a ball, is its coverstock, which is basically the material that frames its outside layer. A hybrid veneer combines two types of materials for creating a unique performance across lane.

First material is reactive solid that assists in creating more rolling because of high friction, leading to decline in hooking in front lane portion. The other material is pearl, which is comparatively smoother. When both of these materials are combined, performance of the ball gets better.

  • Hooks

Once you play a few games under belt, you start getting a feel for the play style you adopt. Moreover, you get to understand about how difficult it can be at times to deal with various oil patterns. And this is where the role of hooking technique becomes apparent. Herein it means that you require a ball, which is with you for hitting a perfect arch.

Hammer black widow legend is such a ball designed for throwing hooks and is the best choice for anyone familiar with the technique. This ball comes with a hybrid coverstock for allowing better control in heavy and medium oil lanes.

It’s imperative to mention that such a ball is a bit much more for starters, as the hook potential may lead to careless hooking on shots in which case a straight throw is much better.


Therefore, it’s imperative that whatever be the type of the ball that you may choose, it should be suitable to your requirement. Moreover, don’t forget to check prices at Feel Like Strike before buying anything.