Followers & Likes on Instagram: To Buy or Not to Buy?

On Instagram, many people have a massive amount of followers. And mainly due to that massive following, each of their posts is liked by thousands — if not millions — of people.

Meanwhile, you’re there — merely crossing your fingers for a similar fate as an Instagram account owner. While you also want to have a massive following who finds your posts likable, you need to face reality: you’re struggling to hit the 1,000 follower count and you’d be lucky to even get a hundred likes.

Well, for starters, it’s a given that you can buy followers and likes on Instagram. Should you pay for such a magic fix, then?

Here’s a discussion that addresses both sides of the story.

Why Buy?

A reason to buy Instagram followers and likes is the boost you’re about to receive. Apart from the boost in the number of followers and likes, you’ll also get a confidence boost. Especially if you’re just starting out without any other way to popularize your brand, such a boost is a life-saver.

It’s a way of getting the ball rolling for you. You can use that confidence boost for a better marketing approach and an increase in engagement.

And if non-followers come across your account and then see that you have a massive following with a lot of users liking your posts, they’re more likely to take you seriously. Between you and that account with only a couple of followers and 2-3 likes, you’re the obvious winner.

Why Not Buy?

Then again, as mentioned, buying followers and likes is a way of getting the ball rolling for you — and it’s only that.

It may provide you the fuel for your growth, but you’re on your own from that point. If you won’t do your part, buying followers and likes may negatively affect your Instagram account.

If you’re easily lured by offers that are brilliant on the surface and affordable, remember to put your guard on. Unfortunately, there are service-providers who don’t give you value for your money. On top of the followers and likes from utterly fake profiles, they don’t offer organic traffic.

Hypez seems to be one of them. For a detailed look at the Instagram buying service, check out this post: Hypez Review *WARNING* – The Small Business Blog

The Verdict

Overall, the decision is all up to you. Buying or not buying followers and likes on Instagram is your call. Since you’re the account owner, you should feel free to do whatever you want. Besides, you’re the one who knows what’s good for your brand, right?