How to Hire that Perfect Singer for Your Big Day

We all know how each and every detail is vital when it comes to your wedding day. We all want to do the best decor, have the best wedding dress, a superb venue and a perfect singer/band.

Sometimes in midst of all other important work, one seems to forget to pay much attention to the singer/band they are going to choose. However, you don’t have to worry since we are here to help you out with some amazing tips to select a perfect band for your big day.

  • Price:-

This is the most important thing to decide. Budget is important and you should be clear how much you are willing to spend on the singer. Also, you need to clear out beforehand about the extra charge he would ask for in case of extra hours and extra performances.

  • First dance:-

First dance is always memorable for a couple for a lifetime and so it becomes important to ask your band/singer to sing it properly and beautifully. You can ask them for a test before the day and can rehearse it down before the final performance.

  • References:-

Your friends and family knows the best singers. They might have one for their own wedding or they might have experienced the one in someone else’s wedding. So do not shy out to ask them and you will end up with having a best one at your wedding.

  • Online website:-

There are lots of wedding websites and you can check out there the reviews of various singers. However don’t blindly rely on them and do your research before you finalise since there are writers in the town who write fake reviews and testimonials without even meeting a singer they are writing about.

  • Call out local singers:-

Check out your phonebook and check out all the local singers available in your contact list and review them. Sometimes people even take auditions and select the best one. They will be cheaper than the professionals and has the ability to give you the best music.


Do ask them all the important questions you have as per your expectation and finalise one who fits the bill. You can also ask reference from their customers, which will help you know more about them. So, these are some of the important tips to select The Wedding Singer for your big day.