How to Run a Contest on Instagram

How to Run a Contest on Instagram

Running a contest on Instagram looks rather straightforward in the beginning. You decide on something to give away, you announce it on your Instagram account and done you are. Few people will see your actual contest, the winner will be in ecstasy but when you look at your stats later on you will find out that only 80 people saw your contest and as little as three engaged with.

Probably not what you had envisioned while giving away an Amazon gift card for 50 dollars. If your intention was to grow your Instagram followers base you failed big time as it could’ve been better spent on either some growth services or ads and you would have a lot more luck.

Yes, you perhaps don’t realize it but there is a certain art to running a contest so let’s see if we can help you organize it just a little better so that not only the winner benefits from this but you as well.

Start by using an app

If you don’t use an app that keeps track of everything there will always be people that critic the fairness of your contest so this is the first essential step in the right direction and thanks to this you will automatically draw in more participants so don’t bail out on this.

Share the contest everywhere

People love free stuff so instead of just sharing it on your Instagram account you want to create some buzz around it by sharing it on your website, your Facebook, and any other platform that you regularly use. You can even ask other Instagrammers to share it with the promise that you return the favor later on. Other places that are share-worthy are Facebook groups and forums. In other words, plenty of opportunities to get more eyeballs.

Incentivize with a referral program

If you want your content to go viral you need to give something away that’s interesting enough for people to share it, think big ticket items, without that there’s little chance they will share it with their friends to make sure that the app of your choice allows people to earn extra brownie points by sharing it with their friends.

How about daily winners?

Instead of giving away big ticket items you can also take a smaller approach where you draw winners on a daily base, most people don’t like to wait a month so the more you give away, the more often they will share it at different times of the day so this will maximize your exposure.