Top Tools for Every Metal Worker

It is no secret that metal fabrication is an interesting hobby, but you need to have the right tools. Metal fabrication allows you to design and come up with a wide variety of items that you can put to use. From V stands to ladders, you can make everything and anything you wish. All you need is to have the right materials, skills (or guide) and the equipment. Here are a few tools that you shouldn’t miss on your ultimate tool list.

Welding Bench

The welding bench is the ideal platform for holding the metal, cutting it up and so many other activities. The advantage of using a metal welding bench is that while handling a welding or plasma cutting job, you have the option of hooking the ground clamp to the welding table with the project you are handling being in the vice or on the table.

Plasma Cutter

Plasma cutters use electrically conductive gas to cut through metal, giving you a cleaner and faster cutting process. This equipment can cut through the thick metal of up to six inches thick at very high temperatures. You also get to enjoy precise cutting through various metals. It cuts five times faster as compared to traditional torches, having the ability to cut at 500 inches per minute. The cutter can also be used as a gauge to line up the material perfectly. Get this awesome tool right here.

Welding Helmet

While welding or plasma cutting, you need to protect your eyes from the bright light and the sparks. Make sure the helmet you choose is light in weight, durable and has an auto-darkening feature. You can also opt for welding goggles that have the same auto darkening feature.

Welding Cabinet

Most welding carts that you can now access come with a locking cabinet, giving you a 2-in-1 function. You can use the cart to ferry items from one point to another and stand it somewhere to keep your small tools and finished items. Make sure the cabinet comes with locking mechanisms to make sure your items are safe when you are away from the site.

The Lowdown

If you work with metal or you handle metal projects as a hobby, you need an assortment of tools and equipment. Have different tools to cut, shape and weld the metal into the shape you want. Additionally, have the accessories to store your finished items securely.