What Users Should Know about Bathtubs

Using a bathtub can be a thrilling experience. It is invigorating, relaxing, and provides a wave of freshness and a new experience each moment. Companies that make bathtubs are aware of the breathtaking appeal, which is why there is a wide range of the facilities in the market. Before purchasing, buyers can visit bathingguide.com for top reviews.

It is important to know various styles of bathtubs in the market, as this enables the buyers to choose what suits their preferences and budget. Surprisingly, bathtubs comprise various personalities. For example, buyers who are looking for something bold should consider the clawfoot or freestanding designs. On the other hand, buyers in search of a bathtub that snuggles well in the bath space should go for the drop-in, alcove, or corner bathtubs.

The 3-wall alcove design

The tub-shower mishmash works better to maximize the available space. With their incomplete ends, they blend well between the external walls and the in-built closets. The setup is incomplete without the wall-mounted shower.

 Drop-in bathtubs

This arrangement consists of just a tub shell. They fit in a separate enclosure designed in the bath space.

Under-mounted bathtubs

These types of drop-ins stay at floor level, with the flooring material covering just the edges.

Corner tubs

This design is more suitable for dual bathing, with its large and square dimensions.

Freestanding tubs

This design is simply a bathing bowl with a strong pedestal.

Clawfoot bathtubs

This design is for users who would like to have something vintage. It embraces Elizabethan era design with its clawfoot design.

Qualities to consider

At the time of purchase, users should consider various qualities of bathtubs. Manufacturers will provide various options, but buyers should know what they want. Most bathtubs come with the following features.

  • Jets and air bubbles
  • Music: the speakers should be reasonable to provide correct level of vibrations
  • Digital features: these are ideal for temperature controls, music control, jet control, and more.

Besides, a good bathtub should comply with the ADA policy and regulations. This makes the tub safe for even users with physical disabilities. The floor should have a non-slip surface and broad edges for sitting and relaxing in the tub.

Choosing a bathtub should be an easy process, especially for users with insight on what they want. Against that backdrop, it is advisable for buyers to read reviews in order to glean adequate information on the facilities.